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One Pacific Group aims to be the standard in the hospitality industry for products and services that will help guests feel at home.
One Pacific Group is a well-organized supplier of amenities to hotels and resorts around the Pacific Rim. It has been servicing the Hospitality Industry for over 15 years, with a full-service sales and warehousing operation in Asia Pacific, exclusively servicing hotels.


One Pacific seeks to grow in the industry, using our 15-year expertise towards dynamic growth, as we constantly seek new ways to help our partners to delight their guests with products that are designed to pamper and make every hotel stay memorable.



The company was founded in 1990, when our CEO Mr. Sunil Hiro Uttamchandani started his fabrics and apparel business in Asia Pacific. It was during these visits that the then 17-year-old noticed the need in the Hotel Industry for a reliable source of high-quality amenities and supplies.
The hotels and resorts in various destinations were not serviced properly due to shipping concerns and lack of proper logistics. This inspired our CEO with the idea of opening up facilities in various Asian countries to cater to the growing requirements of the hotels on the islands and stabilize their supplies.
The company experienced rapid growth and evolved to a hotel amenities supply company that has since expanded business in the Asia-Pacific market and beyond. In 2006, it has launched its logistics and Distribution Center in Guangzhou, China to improve efficiency in servicing its growing customer base around Asia. Due to our commitment to quality and timely delivery, the annual revenue growth last year is between 20%-30%.
The Group is the proud authorized distributor of international luxury brands of hotel amenities such as Hermes and L’OCCITANE, along with other quality luxury, branded, signature, and customized hospitality amenities and supplies such as Linens, Logo Items, and Food and Beverages requirements.
It has acquired the distinction of being a market leader in Hong Kong, Macau, Guam, Saipan for the past 10 years, and is growing at a very fast pace in Philippines and other markets with clients ranging from 5-star hotels, resorts, luxury apartments, hospitals and airlines.


One Pacific Group CEO Sunil Hiro Uttamchandani is a self-driven individual and a leader who both serves and enables. He continues to strive for excellence as to achieve his vision of creating a global reach for the company that he started 22 years ago as a supplier for hotel amenities products in Asia Pacific.
Under his pioneering leadership, the company has since grown to excel in the field as a reliable partner for hospitality industry products and services 5 branches around the world, with offices in Guam, Saipan, the Philippines, China and Chile, in addition to the headquarters being in Hong Kong.
He has set high standards for himself and the company, motivating his team to work towards continuous growth and consistent excellence.  His passion for his work demands that he leaves no stone unturned in his mission to provide the best in service and company reliability.

We help your guests feel at home


Our goal has always been to ensure customer satisfaction in all aspects of quality, price, design, delivery and reliability. We offer customized hotel amenities, branded amenities from Europe and USA, where we accustom the local market requirements, and provide solutions accordingly.
“We want our guests at One Pacific Guam and the guests at our partner hotels to feel at home and to enjoy their stay. We want to provide travelers the relaxing experience of being pampered with the high-quality products and amenities that we provide. Giving guests a great experience is also our way of helping to promote tourism and local business at their travel destinations.” -- One Pacific Group CEO Sunilh Hiro Uttamchandani


Our Mission is to offer quality at a very reasonable price. We strive to supply the best brand fit for our hospitality industry partners while allowing them to be flexible with their budgets.

  • A Commitment to Quality

    • As a trusted supplier for international high-end brands such as Hermes and L’Occitane, along with our expertise in customizing signature toiletries brands for hotels and spas, we can help our partners offer the ultimate luxury experience while keeping the costs within their budget.

  • Price Flexibility

    • Our product range is set at pricing that is one of the most competitive in the region. Special rates are given for volume requirements.

  • Reliability and Client Relationship

    • Our staff has an efficient client services unit that oversees the fulfilment of client needs, from closing of deals, material sourcing, manufacturing, to the crucial aspect of timely delivery through local logistics partners. 

As a leading supplier of quality bathroom amenities, spa products and Food and Beverage products, hotel room renovations and furniture well as bed and bathroom collections, we partner with our hospitality industry clients to help them offer their guests the best accommodation experience.


Our success has been based on our corporate values of Integrity, Focus, Loyalty, and Vision.

  • Acting with Integrity

    • We place a high value on company ethics and we strive to be the best in the industry through fair trade practices. 

  • Focusing on What Matters

    • We build relationships and know what our clients need. We deliver the products needed in a timely manner and at competitive prices. 

  • We Value Loyalty

    • We treat external and internal customers with respect and we place value on loyalty to both the company and the client. We believe that key to the company’s growth is our commitment to helping our partners grow with us.  


  • Keeping the Vision Alive

    • One Pacific was built on a dream in which the company can become one of the major players in the industry. We keep this vision in mind even during day-to-day operations, with the belief that every step and every process that is done by each member of the team is aligned with this vision.  


We offer a healthy working environment that inspires our team to reach their goals and cater to the growing demands for our products and services from our valued clients.


One Pacific Group offers solutions and services to our valued clients in the hospitality industry, with quality customer service support and delivery done in a timely manner. Our products range from quality bathroom and spa amenities that range from premium luxury brands to signature and customized products. 80% of worldwide sales is from Hotel Amenities.

In answer to the growing needs of the industry, the Group has likewise extended its portfolio to include Food and Beverage products, hotel room renovations and furniture well as bed and bathroom collections, with the same dedication to quality and timely delivery.  


  • Hotel Amenities - Luxury Lines for the Ultimate Pampering Experience

    • We offer luxe living and pampering for hotel and spa guests with our line of Luxury, Branded, Signature, and Customized bed and bath accessories at cost-effective pricing. Our products are also paraben-free, to care for and protect even the most sensitive skin.         

  • Hotel Accessories - Home Away From Home

    • One Pacific Group’s line of in-room amenities answer guests needs for a comfortable stay in hotels and  resorts, taking into consideration the latest in technology and design to combine form and function for a truly impressive stay. 

  • Food & Beverage

    • One Pacific Group ensures the timely delivery of pantry products for a continuous supply of Food and Beverage items for both in-room amenities and the kitchen. Its wide logistics network assures of high quality F&B items at the best possible prices.

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